2015: Fifth Annual Board Meeting

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The Chile California Council hosted its fifth annual board meeting in April 2015 in Santiago, Chile. The event also included a collaborative planning session at AmCham Chile and a reception at the residence of US Ambassador Mike Hammer.

2014: Fourth Annual Board Meeting

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The Chile-California Council held its fourth annual board meeting on Friday, May 23, at the San Francisco Fairmont Hotel. Councilors from Chile and California, including the newly-appointed Ambassadors Mike Hammer and Juan Gabriel Valdés, and special guests such as Alan Bennett, the Executive Director of PIPRA-UC Davis, attended the meeting. This year’s meeting mainly focused on the establishment of specific goals, initiatives, and alliances the Council would want to pursue for the next four years in the areas of Education, Energy, and Science. This meeting was preceded by a strategic planning workshop and reception that took place on Thursday, May 22, at the Interncontinental Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco.

2013: Chile and California Renew Agreement for Collaboration


Chile’s Ambassador to the US, Felipe Bulnes, and the Secretary of Natural Resources of the State of California, John Laird, renewed the agreement between the State of California and the Republic of Chile, an agreement that serves as a policy framework for the Chile-California Council’s activities.

2013: Third Annual Board Meeting

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The Chile-California Council held its third annual board meeting on Friday, April 19, at the San Francisco Fairmont Hotel.  Among the topics discussed, the council focused on the coming year’s new challenges and possible opportunities to create a stronger relationship between both territories. The event was enriched by, among others, presentations made by notable guest Lt. Governor of California Newsom, Ambassador Bulnes, Ambassador Wolff, Ambassador Rodriguez, and Chile’s Under Secretary Flores.

2012: Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Visits Chile


Los Angeles Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, led a delegation of local and national business leaders on a three day trade mission to Chile. Executives from the Port of Los Angeles, LAX, and the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board were also part of this delegation. The objective of this visit was to reinforce the existing partnership between Chile and California.

2012: Second Annual Board Meeting

Consejo Chile-california-directores

The Council members are renowned Chilean nationals with special ties with California as the national author and winner of the National Literature Prize Isabel Allende, the President of the National Innovation Council for Competitiveness and former Senator of the Republic of Chile,  Fernando Flores; the entrepreneur , scientist and National Award for Applied Sciences and Technology 2002, Pablo Valenzuela; the economist and Professor at UCLA,  Sebastián Edwards, and the Community Leader and Pioneer in Hispanic Marketing, Isabel Valdés, among others. All of them together with entrepreneurs, academics, diplomats and scientists, seek to strengthen ties between two territories that offer multiple partnership opportunities.

The Chile-California Council is chaired by Agustín Huneeus, a prominent businessman and winemaker who has been decorated for Outstanding Services to the Republic.

2011: First Annual Meeting of the Council Members


Accompanied by high officials and prominent national authorities, Deputy Foreign Minister Fernando Schmidt attended the first meeting of the Chile- California Council held in San Francisco, U.S.

2011: Foundation of the Chile-California Council

Pinera y Governor CAL

 The Chile-Californa Council was set up in 2011, on the occasion of the visit of President Piñera to California, and brings together representatives of various sectors.

2010 Septiembre, Firma MOU UCSB, PUC, WCS

In this photo with Chile’s President Piñera and California’s Governor Schwarzeneger: Michael Witherell (Vice Chancellor for Research, UC Santa Barbara), Juan Larraín (Vice rector of Research (PUC, Chile), and Bárbara Saavedra (Directora para Chile, Wildfire Conservation Society).

 2008: Launch of the Chile-California Plan


The launch of the Chile-California Plan through the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding by Chile’s President Michelle Bachelet in 2008.

The Chile-California Plan, from the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ perspective, seeks to establish a new form of international relations, where reciprocal cooperation allows the Foreign Service to connect with the needs of the Chilean People on their way to become a complete developed country. In this challenge, public-private cooperation plays a fundamental role through academic, entrepreneurial, governmental and civil society initiatives.

Development of human capital; promotion of research and development (and innovation); increases in trade and business opportunities; these initiatives represent the three strategic axes along which the Chile-California Plan unfolds. Through these axes, both territories are exploring and implementing the most effective areas for cooperation: renewable energies, information technologies, niche tourism, entrepreneurship and innovation, scholarships for internships and college studies, modern agriculture and green initiatives, among others.

By intensifying collaboration within those areas institutions, organisations, universities, research centers, corporations and national individuals, should strengthen the existing bonds of friendship, pledging their participation in economic, business, technological, and educational activities that result in mutual benefit.

1963: Promotion of the Chile-California Program

The Chile-California Program was part of the Alliance For Progress Program offered by the United States to Latin American nations. The Program was suggested to Governor Edmund Brown, Sr. by President Kennedy early in 1963. Thanks in part to financing from the Ford Foundation, this “aid for development” plan continued until the early 1970’s and would be known in the academic world as the “Convenio”. This bilateral history of cooperation, dreams and challenges had a second impulse in June 2008 when Chile and California launched the plan: “Chile-California, a strategic association for the 21st century”.