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COP 25

Summary of Events and Participation of the CCC at COP25

During 2019, the CCC facilitated and contributed complementary content to the climate agenda of this conference. Its work on Energy, Agriculture and Conservation, with the support of Education and Technology, were greatly supplemented by the following activities that were sponsored by COP25:

1. Conference on “Agriculture in a Changing World”

2. Coastal Zone Seminar

3. Chile California Conservation Exchange

In addition to these seminars, global initiatives, NGOs and government agencies were united around the Oceans. This led to the BLUE COP25 AGENDA, in alliance with the Ocean Conservancy and in support of Rosa Garay Maldonado of the Ocean Affairs Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and President of COP25.

In Madrid, the Chile California Council held the following events at the COP25 Chile Pavilion:

  1. “Chile California: Connecting the Biological Corridor of the Western Pacific” – on Wednesday, December 4, with the participation of the Minister of Science Andrés Couve and the Chilean Coal Observatory Coalition.
  1. “Better Understanding Changing Ocean Conditions and Impacts on Marine Species and Ecosystems: Global Networks that are Advancing Regional Science, Monitoring and Response Strategies”- on Saturday, December 7, together with the Ocean Acidification Alliance, attended by Wade Crowfoot, Secretary of Natural Resources, and Andrés Couve, Minister of Science.
  1. “Climate Policies: Lessons Learned and Future Challenges”- held on Monday, December 9, featuring congressmen, high commissioners from the Energy sector, and representatives of the California private energy sector.

In addition, Matías Alcalde participated on behalf of the Chile California Council, as a panelist in the following events:

1. “Climate Change and Socio-Environmental Crisis in Chile,” organized together with Ladera Sur in the Mare Nostrum Room of the Green Zone.

2. “Latinos Marinos at COP25: Blue Leadership in CA and Latin American,” organized by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) of California and by the Azul Foundation. fields of action.

At the end of COP25, the agenda of the Chile California Council was seen as a contribution to facilitating a transformation of the public and private sectors.  Nonetheless, much still must be done during 2020 to continue contributing valuable content to Chile, which will continue to be President of COP25 presidency during the year.

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