Rapid technological changes experienced over the past decades have brought societies enormous benefits including increased productivity and a
knowledge-based economy, as well as many challenges, such as human workforce
displacement, obsolete educational models, and unequal access to technology.

The CCC seeks to help address these problems by sponsoring conferences and programs that expedite technological education, encourage the equitable sharing and access to technology across diverse social
segments nationwide in Chile and state-wide in California.

Climate Change

Chile and California share similarities in geography and climate that makes them perfect partners in areas like land and marine conservation, water management, earthquake preparedness, and renewable energy. In the coming decade, the need to work in these areas will become more critical due to the effects of climate change.

The CCC is committed to help mitigate the effects of climate change in these areas by: facilitating knowledge sharing and exchange between environmental agencies and organizations in Chile and California; by amplifying the message of climate change experts; and by supporting educational conferences and research.

State and Society

Many government agencies, corporations, foundations, and non-profit organizations are actively seeking solutions to address fundamental
changes in labor markets, inequality, and other challenges arising from the
globally interconnected economies of both Chile and California.

The CCC plans to continue helping to address these issues by bringing together leaders and change makers from academia, corporations, government agencies and foundations to find solutions to these pressing challenges. By facilitating discussion and ideation, the CCC hopes to equip the public at large with tools to address these problems in their communities.