CCC focus areas v2


photo credit: Mauricio RomeroAcademia, Education & Research Exchange

The CCC seeks to create value in education by formalizing strategic partnerships between Chilean and Californian academic institutions. Within the framework provided by these agreements, the CCC works in partnership with academic leaders to foster new research opportunities, engage in cross-disciplinary dialogue, refine pedagogical practices, and develop advanced human capital. [see projects]


IMG-20151030-WA0051Environment, Energy & Resource Management

California has extensive experience in addressing environmental, energy, and natural resource issues. Chile, as a developing country, can readily adapt to new innovations, implementing advancements in infrastructure to meet sustainability goals. By combining California’s knowledge base, constituted by its agencies, research centers, and businesses, with Chile’s growing industries and flexible infrastructure, the CCC seeks to position Chile as a leader in energy and resource management in the coming century. [see projects]


2Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The CCC facilitates the growth of the collaborative ecosystem for innovation. Working closely with universities, start-ups, non-profits, and entrepreneurs, the CCC supports the sharing of knowledge and experience, to increase future opportunities for growth in Chile, California and beyond. [see projects]


michelle-bachelet-shakes-hand-with-chancellor-linda-katehiState & Society

In its commitment to culture, the CCC would like to place an increased focus on the nexus of gender equity, inequality, and access to political and social institutions as well as historical identity by exploring collaborative endeavors bringing Californian and Chilean NGOs, advocacy groups, governments and businesses together with museums, artists, designers, and architects. [see projects]


photo credit: Mauricio RomeroTrade, Economic Growth & Competitiveness

By promoting collaboration with California in key areas such as science, technology, energy, and education, the CCC facilitates discussion on how to integrate technology and the best business practices to achieve a more inclusive development. California is willing to lead international collaboration to rethink sustainable solutions to ongoing challenges using core infrastructure, technology, university capacity and innovative approaches. [see projects]