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If you have a startup, project or innovative initiative that you want to boost, this place is designed for you.

Be part of our Booster Innovation Center and access our network of Councilors, strategic partners, universities, accelerators and the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Chile (Latam) and California (Silicon Valley), in this space of connection, visibility and acceleration of initiatives that seek to generate an impact on people and nature.


If you want to promote a startup, project or initiative, we offer you visibility and access to a unique network of the public and private sectors of Chile and California. Share your project with us to find ways to boost it, and if you wish, we will also share it on our Booster Innovation Center. platform. We will present it to our BIC network to evaluate different ways to enhance it. We will analyze your project in approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

The Chile California Council will evaluate each initiative for its potential incorporation into the BIC platform, and offer possible connections with investors, logistics facilitation, key contacts and support within the capabilities of our network.


For startups and initiatives that are consistent with the mission and vision of the Booster Innovation Center, that seek to generate impact, and that have clear and measurable objectives.


Respond to social and climate problems that affect Chile and California, from innovation and markets, with a structural and long-term perspective.


Connect the innovation poles between Chile and California, to build together the economies of the future, in a softlanding center in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area.


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    ChileCaliforniaClimate TechnologyLife SciencesSpace AgendaNature Conservation and RestorationProductivityClean EnergyEducation & CultureWaterCoastal ZoneSustainabilityOther

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