Booster Innovation Center

Innovation and softlanding center that connects startups, companies and investors, to design, develop and implement the solutions for the economies of the future.


We softland and accelerate startups and projects from Chile (Latam) and California, offering access to a unique ecosystem through our digital platform and a physical center located in the San Francisco Bay, California with headquarters in Santiago, Chile.

We provide access to programs, mentorships, acceleration and connections with preferential access to high-performing California accelerators and their universities, investors, CCC Councilors, California and Chile’s entrepreneurial ecosystems, as well as BIC in-house practitioners from the academic community.


The BIC is a place designed for startups -from venture capital portfolios, family offices and other impact investors- that want to scale and strengthen their business models by exploring and accessing markets, investments and accelerators in California and Chile.

We provide the possibility of increasing deal-flow, investing in impact startups, and participating in the selection and design of calls for acceleration programs, among other benefits.

We facilitate access to a unique network of contacts and tailored connections, in a place of high social capital and talents, which fosters virtuous investment associations.


BIC provides access to a network of high-level contacts and tailored connections, so that companies can make tours, search for new technologies, best practices and markets. All this, helping to solve the technological/social/environmental challenges of the current and future world.

In addition, companies will be able to access startups, talents and accelerators from California and Chile, to make corporate investments that generate value for their businesses.


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Here you will find innovative projects, in a space that connects, makes visible and promotes initiatives for the sustainable development of Chile and California.