Festival Acción Azul

The Chile California Council was part of the Acción Azul Festival, which was held on November 3, 4 and 5 in Valparaíso, Chile.

This was an instance to mobilize the community and act collectively towards a more sustainable ocean. The basis of this initiative is the exchange of high-impact projects that are related to the ocean in Chile and the world through academic and scientific conferences that brought together dozens of national and international actors to collaborate and act around the ocean. In addition, interventions were carried out on the coastline and in the maritorio, through cultural, artistic and sports activities that brought the community closer to the sea.

Day 2 Acción Azul – Friday, November 4
From the Council, our Executive Director Matías Alcalde, presented the conference “Enabling conditions for the implementation of successful coastal-marine policies in Chile”, where he showed a roadmap to achieve the fulfillment of climate goals in Coastal matters, through the design and implementation of a public-private, participatory and science-based process for the governance and effective monitoring of the Chilean Coastal Zone, using California fundamentals and learning curves.

Watch “Enabling conditions for the implementation of successful coastal-marine policies in Chile” presentation here.

Day 3 Acción Azul – Saturday, November 5
Different forums, conferences and cycles of oceanic culture were held on the floating stage in the bay of Muelle Barón during the 3rd day of Acción Azul Festival. Our Executive Director, participated in the forum “Toma acción por el océano” (Take action for the ocean), together with Gunter Pauli, author of “The Blue Economy”, Oceana, OCF Te Mau o Te Vaikava and the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition.

Watch the “Toma acción por el océano” forum here.

We especially thank Waterman Chile for inviting us to be part of this event.